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stutter live : more than a project

stutter live is a new initiative from mediaterranea with major goal to raise the awareness of what stuttering is as a peculiarity and to support the inclusion of people who stutter in the society .The stutter live project is co-financed by the European Commission and the greek national agency.

Coordinating organization

mediaterranea npo

Mediaterranea is a non profit organisation run by youngsters with a high expertise in the field of youth work.From 2013 when the organisation was founded we have organized several mobilities in Greece working mostly with the topics of media and media literacy.It was 2017 when we decided to try to use our experience and methodologies in other topics like gender balance ,refugees and of course stuttering. Stutter live is an outcome of this new attempt in order to achieve social inclusion

For us the world is like a garden full of flowers .The more colorful the garden is , the more interesting it becomes.

Involved organizations

…because together we can achieve more


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